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Join us Sunday for Worship Service at 10:00 am  

Celebrating 50 years of service

50 years ago Pastor Virgil Bjerke dedicated the stained glass windows on November 21, 1965.   The pamphlet that was given out at the dedication service contains a detailed description of each of the windows. It also details who donated the funds so that these beautiful windows could become prominent fixture of Our Saviour's. You can read the pamphlet titled The Message of the Windows”.    If you are interested in seeing the original pamphlet it was preserved and placed in a scrapbook located in Fireside Room.    There are two exceptions to the 50-year-old windows. The two exceptions are the 66 year old stained glass image of the Lamb of God in the center of the cross, and the Lutheran Seal or Luther Rose above the main entrance to the church. They were installed in 1949 when the Sanctuary was built. 


It was announced on November 10th that funding to restore the Lutheran Seal stained glass window above the main entrance was given by the Endowment Committee. It is with the deepest of gratitude to the Endowment Committee we can now repair and restore the Lutheran Seal window.   The work will be done by Beveldine, LLC, and will commence shortly.



18 of the windows have been in place for 50 years. It was decided that the windows needed to be inspected. An evaluation was done on them.  The estimate was staggering and approached $70,000.  That was for the 10 windows on the main floor. The windows that line the roof will be evaluated at a later date.  If you wish to help with the cost of repairing the windows, please click the donate button below.   Any assistance you give will be greatly appreciated.





Enjoy the pictures of the beautiful windows. Below the photo album is a document titled Message of the Windows. It contains the description of each window. Please check back soon for sharper pictures.


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